Creating read-only user accounts on ScreenOS

Need to create a read-only account on a NetScreen (ScreenOS 6.x or lower) firewall?

It’s simple:

netscreen(M)-> set admin user nocadmin password abc123 privilege read-only
And there you have it. Now let’s test it:
% ssh nocadmin@netscreen
nocadmin@netscreen's password:
For Authorized Use Only, Violators Will Be Prosecuted.
It works! Notice the limited command set available:
netscreen(M)-> ?
exit                 exit command console
get                  get system information
mtrace               multicast traceroute from source to destination
ping                 ping other host
trace-route          trace route
Now hop to it!

Shiny, new blog!

Welcome to my shiny… new… blog?

I have been thinking about this for a long, long time, and I’m finally doing it.  I’ve reached a point in my life where I want to start putting my thoughts out there and provide my share of wisdom, expertise, and sometimes idiocy to the internet.

A long-time friend of mine recently told me that I have a very accessible writing style and that when people read my stuff it feels like a dialogue as opposed to a technical manual that draws the reader in and makes them chuckle.  By the way, “stuff” is a technical term.

Are you chuckling yet?

No?  Well anyways, I hope that this will become a resource in the form of knowledge or  entertainment or both for many people.  We’ll see…